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Two countries are of central importance in the short- and long run production of DPDB: Turkey and China. This applies to the production of more complex, trendy collections. Supervision of the styling and merchandising teams of Knits Only, Fully Fashion and DuPon Coordinates as well as the pattern/cutting departments is absolutely essential. In both countries we have established a tight network of trustworthy manufacturers and fabric suppliers. Parties who can shift promptly; flexible at the desired quality level.

DBC Istanbul

In Turkey, Ergün Çakmak, an experienced production manager, has been wielding the sceptre since early 2011. He returned to his country of birth to start the production office of DBC Istanbul.  With his team of 10 employees, he is close to the production (control) process and planning. He secures the relationship with the producers and studios whose owners he knows personally.  Besides looking after the most important client, DPDB, this office also takes care of the production for some well-known brands. 

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DBC Shanghai

Particularly Fully Fashion and DuPon Coordinates have been producing in China for years.  In Shanghai, DPDB has its own offices. A team of hardworking colleagues are in action daily to guide and control production orders. It is good to know that there is mutual understanding for each others culture, wants and needs.                                                                                                

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Vacancies and internships

We are happy to offer committed and ambitious applicants a job with good developing opportunities in the area of our passion.

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