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Our Mission

More frequently, in the world of textile production, we see a hit and run mentality. Gold diggers who come and go. Seizing the chance of making a good deal by taking advantage of a fashion trend. DPDB is the exception. We make the difference.

For 25 years DPDB has been a trustworthy partner for many retailers and wholesalers.  A short and long run producer of (women’s') fashion collections.  We believe in jointly building and expanding a sustainable relationship based on respect, trust and discretion.  In an informal and no-nonsense way.  This facilitates open communication.

As our customer, you team up with experts who have an extensive knowledge of the market.  They are genuinely interested and involved.  We take the time to be on the same wavelength and take production off your hands.

A consistent relationship with a partner means cooperating for a structural success with commercial collections and winning items.  In other words - bestsellers!


Vacancies and internships

We are happy to offer committed and ambitious applicants a job with good developing opportunities in the area of our passion.

Currently we are looking for: